Advanced IT Security Solutions

Receiving comprehensive IT security solutions can feel like a major expense when you are looking at the costs for most of the bigger, effective IT security companies out there. This can lead you to wonder if the risk to your computer systems is worth saving the money you would have to spend to get the proper protection you need. It isn't.

The good news is, thanks to WaveRider Security, you no longer have to spend top dollar to receive the high-quality perimeter protection, mobile device protection, data recovery, and business continuity services your company needs. Thanks to our subscription-based security services, you are able to easily afford the IT solutions you need to avoid major safety issues in the future.

Choosing the Right IT Security Solutions

There are a number of different ways our IT specialists can assist you. We begin by performing a free consultation to learn more about your system and needs. Next, we make an assessment and give you an idea of your security threats and vulnerabilities. This gives you an idea of what you need to do to protect your computer systems properly.

When it comes to computer and network security, our affordable subscription service is one of the smartest investments you can make. Some of the different ways we can protect the integrity of your IT systems include:

Perimeter Protection – Our IT specialists provide a firewall for our clients. This firewall is managed, updated, and replaced by our team as needed to ensure you always have the latest and greatest protection.

Complete On-Premise Security – Our team provides a firewall and anti-malware protection on all of your IT systems. We also back up your data so that you never lose your important documents and information.

Comprehensive Full Security – Our IT experts provide you with a firewall and anti-malware protection for all of your on-premise systems. We also encrypt all of your devices so that if they are lost, the data will still be protected. All of your data is also backed up both on-premise and in the cloud in case of a crash. Anti-crypto hijacking services are also included.

Data Recovery & Business Continuity – Should something ever go wrong at your business, our team will be there to assist you. We can have your business up and running again in just a few hours after a flood, fire, hacker attack, or malware attack. Our IT professionals stand up your environment in an alternative location and configure access so your business can keep going.

Additional Solutions for Your Systems

Looking for some add-ons for your IT security solutions? We have everything you need available to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your level of protection. Some of our different add-on solutions include mobile device protection for phones, iPads, and other electronic devices, anti-malware scanning, and remote security management.

When it comes to protecting your mobile devices or wireless system, our professionals know exactly what it takes to deliver results. That is why all of your mobile devices are encrypted so that enterprise data is not lost or exposed if the device is ever compromised. This is critical for compliance.

For internal wireless systems, we can include multiple protected wireless networks for your business. This can include a guest network and/or a network for non-enterprise systems, such as your HVAC, lighting system, or presentation platforms. This is a great way to continue to give access to wireless solutions to your employees and guests without jeopardizing sensitive information, material, or processes.

Contact us to make sure you have the IT security solutions needed to keep your systems safe from hackers. Our protection is perfect for clients located nationwide.