Network Security for Your System

Your IT network makes communicating throughout your company much easier. Unfortunately, having so many systems online can open you up to more potential security threats. So how do you enjoy the benefits that come with having an expertly created network system as well as the knowledge in knowing that it is properly protected? You work with our IT security company!

WaveRider Security provides comprehensive network security services your company, including intellectual property protection, malware protection, wireless access point security, and protection against crypto hijackers. There are numerous security devices and applications we use to deliver the level of protection you need for your system, and all of it is available through our affordable subscription-based service.

Firewalls to Protect Your System

Firewalls are one of the best ways to keep unwanted threats out of your network system. Our IT specialists sell Next Generation firewalls to businesses that want to configure and manage their own network systems. There are a number of different options available with these firewalls, including:

Web Proxies – Protects the environment from malware while surfing the internet.

Attachment Scanning – Prevents the downloading of malware from email attachments or compromised sites.

Secured Wireless Access Points

These elegant systems are created to accommodate advanced security capabilities to ensure you are getting the level of protection you deserve. They feature multiple radios, which allow them to support multiple networks (up to 6). This allows companies that are in need of multiple networks, or are interested in providing a guest network to their clients, to do so without exposing their own internal systems and data.

Additional Network Security Solutions

Anti-Virus for Windows, Apple, Linux, Mobile Devices & Servers
Cloud-Based Backup Solutions
Desktop Backup Solutions
Server Backup Solutions
Cloud Instances Backup Solutions
Network Infrastructure Backup Solutions

Contact us when you are looking for network security solutions. Our protection services are a necessity for clients located throughout the country.